Upcoming Events: Introducing Traveler's BookClub, Wednesday, September 30, 7pm

The Itinerary:
We'll meet every six weeks, mostly Wednesdays, at Traveler's Bookcase
Discover the best classic and contemporary travel books ever written.
Enjoy wine, cheese, etc.. and great conversation.
A surprise at every meeting-- demonstrations, discounts, door prizes..
Hosted by Traveler's Bookcase and Wendy Sue Knecht, author of Life, Love, and a Hijacking: My Pan Am Memoir
The Fine Print:
$25 yearly membership
Books purchased through Traveler's Bookcase
3-4 members will rotate "refreshment duties"
All other items 10% off in store

GET READY FOR TAKEOFF: Wednesday, September 30, 7pm
RESERVE YOUR SEAT! wendy.knecht@gmail.com or call 310 966-0303

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